About Us


About Us

Next Level Education has been conceived as an ecosystem that strives to make a difference in the lives of people by helping them live a financially confident and stress-free life.

Our strategy is to reach out to people and show them a happier and better way to manage their lives. Money management happens to be one very important element in this. We see Next Level Education as a system that will help us fulfil our vision. And in keeping with the needs of a system, we believe that the team is perhaps the most important constituent of the system. We have therefore “walked the talk” when it comes to our conviction. Mr. Sandip Ghose, former director of NISM, has been overseeing our work and guiding us from time to time.

To make our vision come alive, we have been striving to develop a team of like-minded people. We have slowly but steadily expanded our team by bringing on people who share our passion for providing massive value to the people. Next Level Education has constituted an executive team consisting of a CMO (chief management officer) and COO (chief operating officer) and a very insightful and energetic board of directors and associates.

The team will assist us in manufacturing time so that we can meet our milestones faster and make a significant difference in people’s lives. With a very competent management team and board, Next Level Education has the requisite firepower and is well poised to make a difference in countless lives.

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We are passionate about giving our students an unbeatable experience. Our courses are current and comprehensive, making learning easy.

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CFP certification is a globally recognized standard of excellence in financial planning and is the most sought-after designation for financial professionals. It is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of financial planning, including investments, taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, and insurance.
We will guide you through the process of becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Our thorough training and resources will give you the necessary tools to understand the concepts and achieve success.

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