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Enhance your Practice Personal Brand Magnet


Recently we saw an Actor pass away suddenly at 40

We saw an IFA pass away suddenly after reaching an AUM of 100 cr.

What does this teach us?

Raise Your Practice

  • Returns
  • SIPs
  • Delayed Gratification
  • Make people live happy lives
  • Ensure they have a great time in the short term, medium term and long term
  • Ensure they live a well-balanced life
  • Make their money sweat and serve them the best
  • Ensure stable lifestyle by ensuring smooth cash flow
  • Appreciate the power of cash flow as an essential life outcome
  • Help them to ascertain the power of their Money
  • Help them to spend the right amount of money at the Right time
  • Learn to understand that Returns is not an end by the means to an end
  • Understand the value of Investment Experience vs Investment Returns
  • Understand that in many cases rarely does the man enjoy the money he makes
  • Question the status quo which was constructed on old fashioned stories of the past
  • Learn the science of Bucket Strategies and how they are best suited to enhance the quality of lifestyle
  • How you can structure their finance to elevate their lifestyle in the immediate present by using the strategies of Financial Planning
  • Understand how all the knowledge of the world comes to a naught if it is not appropriately packed
  • There is a thin line that separates the knowledgeable from the Professional, but the thin line is the laxman rekha which is most significant

Enhancing your Practice is Necessary but Not Sufficient

Let me Explain with an Example

When You Only See this Car

  • Nice Car
  • Great Color
  • Love it

But When you See This

  • WOW
  • Who is He

Mr. Anand

The moment the Product becomes the Brand the User becomes the Hero

Knowledge + Brand makes the Combination which is Truly Awesome

Hence despite being co-founder of a company that is launching CFP Batch, Dharmendra Sathapathy is longing to be a student to acquire the Gold Standard Certificate of Personal Finance

Mr. Anand CFP CM

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