CFP Batch 1 – Retirement Planning

Module – Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning


  • This program is for MFDs who desire a world class professional certification to provide better service to their clients
  • The Program is also for Students who are serious about making Retirement Planning as a meaningful career
  • Retirement Planning is big need for people growing old; people who need handholding and care
  • Retirement Planning is a very nice win-win opportunity because for your help and care, you get to manage serious wealth for a long period of time

What the program does

  • It helps in understanding Retirement Planning at a deep & purpose driven level
  • It helps to understand how customised solutions can be designed for different needs
  • It helps to design cash flow solutions to help people get the right amount of money available to them at the right point in time throughout their retired lives
  • It helps to understand how we can help clients live an awesome retired life with enough and more money to spend on everything they ever dreamt of