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Magnetic Finance Preneur (MFP Program) – 2022

Build a Magnetic Brand

2 students enrolled

The MFP Program

This program is needed if

  • You are successful but extremely busy
  • You see yourself as a doctor but not an owner of a hospital
  • You don’t understand the true meaning of Enterprise
  • You feel that you should run your business alone
  • You feel chasing clients is your main job
  • You are not getting enough leads
  • Your closing rate is unsatisfactory

What do you get in this course?

  • This course introduces us to creating a Business Automation System, Building a Magnetic Brand
  • How to discover who you are, what is your vision and what are your goals
  • How to classify and analyse clients
  • Where to find leads
  • What is “The Seven Events Sales” concept
  • GIFTS strategy for Sales
  • An introduction to creating Team and Business Systems