CFP Batch 1 – Tax Planning

Module – Tax Planning

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Tax Planning


  • This program is for MFDs who desire a world-class professional certification to provide better service to their clients
  • The Program is also for Students who are serious about making Tax Planning as a meaningful career
  • Tax Planning is big need for people to optimise their Wealth Creation
  • Tax Planning is the need for one and all. Everyone wants to save in taxes. Because it is a double whammy for the Client. Every rupee saved in taxes can go into the compounding machine called Investment. This makes tax saving so very significant

What does the program do?

  • It helps in understanding Tax Planning at a deep & conceptual level
  • It helps to understand how to interpret taxes for different kinds of income
  • It helps to guide people to structure their wealth in an optimal manner
  • It helps to understand how we can help clients live a better life better returns on account of maximum tax savings

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