The opportunities are massive but are you prepared for them? There’sno doubt that MFD is the link to wealth creation. But have you madeyourself future-proof? Do you know what it takes to be prepared forthis opportunity? We are coming to your city to share our perspectives.Join us for a day-long interactive event including case studies,workshop, Q&A panel and riveting presentations.

What is "Your ALFA"

Krishan Sharma

Alfa of MFD vs Alfa Fund Manager

Constituents of Returns

The Future of MFD & How to Be Ready

Become a Behavioural Coach - Behavior Beats Brain

Understand 2nd Level Thinking - Gyan vs Buddhi

What is your Business ALFA? - How to Go ON & ON

Working 'ON' Business Vs Working 'IN' Business

Strategies to Automate Your Business

Corporatisation of your Business

Low Efforts and High Revenue Strategies

How to Attract More Business and Clients

P Swamy Gowda

Naye Zamane Ke Naye Strategies

Dharmendra Satapathy

RAPID Growth Strategy

Strategies for Wealth Management

Financial Planning to Life Planning

Journey of a 1000 cr.

How to move from Skill

What are the drivers of Business Growth?

The Power of Automation

The Rewards of Valuation

Nikhil Thakkar





Vikas Wani

Q & A Panel

Mob - 9898391723

16th December, 2023 - Ahmedabad

Welcome Hotel by ITC Hotels
15, Ashram Road, Dadi Kuch Cir
Ahmedabad 380013

17th December, 2023 - Vadodara

Hotel Sayaji, Vadodara
Parsi Agyari, Sarod, Sayajiganj
Vadodara 390005

Vikas Kabra

Show Maker

Mob - 8527400977

Price Rs.5997 plus GST including Lunch


Our Mission is to Educate, Inspire and Empower You to Rise to the Next Level in Your Life and Business by Helping You To Discover and Become a Better Version of Yourself.


Our Vision is To Transform the Lives of One Million People by Creating an Army of Financial Evangelists and Empower Them To Make a Difference Wherever They Go and Whomever They Meet by Providing Them with the Requisite Training and Education on Personal, Technical and Business Skills.


Workshop at Vadodara & Ahmedabad
16th & 17th Dec, 10:00 AM TO 5 PM
plus GST
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