कल आज कल

The Land of Abundance

Kal Aaj Aur Kal

A Short Description of Progress

History that makes a Great Story

To know more read on _ _

1) Between 1588–1679 human life was basically “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

2) But in the last 200 years, all of that has changed.

3) In just a fraction of the time that our species has clocked on this planet, billions of us are suddenly rich, well nourished, clean, safe, smart & healthy

4) 84% of the world’s population still lived in extreme poverty in the year 1820

5) But by 1981 that percentage had dropped to 44%

6) Now, just a few decades later, it is under 10%

7) If this trend holds, the extreme poverty that has been a feature of life will soon be eradicated once and for all

8) Even the poor will enjoy an abundance unprecedented in world history

9) But the world for many many years was stuck in a dark hole

10) For example Historians estimate that the average annual income in Italy around the year 1300 was roughly $1,600

11) Some 600 years later – after the invention of printing, and the steam engine – it was … still $1,600

12) Six hundred years of civilization, and the average Italian was pretty much where he’d always been

13)While Italy is an example, much was the same the world over

14) It was not until 1880, right when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, Thomas Edison patented his lightbulb, that our Italian peasant suddenly saw his income rise some fifteen times

14) The global economy is now 250 times what it was before the Industrial Revolution

15) This is the Compounding Curve of world progress

16) Nothing much took place in 1800 years but a lot happened over the next150

17) When machines replaced muscles, we saw the first round of Abundance when People got jobs and salaries in excess of necessities and for the first time People realised the joys of holidays and leisure opportunity

18) Now we are on the cusp of another definitive Age when Machines are all set to replace brain power

19) Brace up for the Compounding Power of Abundance.

20) Productivity is just going through the roof. Cost of technology has dropped by over 90%

21) Solar Energy will soon provide Power at just a fraction of the cost of what we are paying for Power today

22) Time to press the brakes of life, time to slow down and appreciate the other stuff of God; Spirituality, Creativity, Activity

23) In a World of Abundance perhaps the only thing which may not be in Abundance is Jobs

24) Survival for the fittest will be replaced by Survival for All as we enter the era of Jobless Prosperity

25) Work Life Balance will be replaced by Mind and Body Balance

26) Brace Up for the Abundant Age

I rest my case

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