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Magnetic Finance Preneur

Transform Your Business & Transform Your Future

Discover the Secrets to Attract More Business, Income, Wealth & Abundance

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Success is Something which you Cannot Achieve Can Attract By Becoming that Person - Jim Rohn

Transformative Learning Experience:
Past Student's Testimonials for MFP

Subhro Gopal Barory

Ruchika Verma

Prem Tewary

Praveen Kumar


Dharmendra Satapathy
Founder – Director
Next Level Education

P Swamy Gowda
Co-Founder – Director
Next Level Education

Why you should do this program?


Do you want to be Future Ready to Face All Future Regulatory and Technological Changes?
If your answer is a 'Yes' to any of the above questions, then you can consider the MFP program

Financial Knowledge & Skills

Assignment Oriented

100% Action Oriented

Readymade Templates & Tools

Program Objectives

Module 1 – Working on Yourself Before You Work on Your Business

Self Discovery

Discover The Secret About - Why You Are, Where You Are or Why You Are, The Way You Are.
Discover your IKIGA and the Ultimate Purpose of Your Life and Business.

Self Worth

Your Self Worth = Your Net Worth.
Learn how you can increase your self-worth.

Self Transformation

Discover the Ultimate Version of Yourself.
Learn How You can Live the Life, You Desire to Live, Earn the Income, You Deserve to Earn and Live the Life, You are Born to Live.

Self Mastery

Developing a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
Learn how to live a Designed Life and not a Default Life.

Module 2 – Secrets to Attract More Business, Income, Wealth & Abundance

How to Attract Like a Magnet

Unlock the secrets to manifesting abundance in all aspects of life, attracting more clients, leads, wealth, opportunities, and success while fostering good health, happiness, and joy through a holistic approach.

Naye Zamane Ke Naye Goals

Discover New Goals that can Accelerate Your Business
Learn How to Plan for EMR Goals By Using Ready Excel Tool

Secrets and Strategies to scale up your Business

Master the art of accelerated AUM growth, lead generation, and sales conversion.
Leverage powerful marketing strategies, emotional factors, and innovative techniques.

7 Events to Financial Freedom Approach

How to Sell Different Products without Selling Through Unique Sales Scripts and Stories.
Art & Science of Sales Communication

Module 3 – Working IN the Business vs ON the Business

Strategies to Transform Your Practice into Business

Business Strategies to Transform Yourself from MFD / Advisor to Magnetic Finance Preneur.
Discover the effective ways and methods to manufacture more time.
Learn how you can Become a FreedomPreneur.

Art & Science of Building a Brand

How to build your own Brand Identity and understand the psychology of branding.

The Power of Your Choices

Choices you make determine the level of your business.
Learn how to Make the Right Choices.

Business Insights Analysis

Get Deep Insights on Your Current Business Analytics and Next Level Solution to Grow Your Business


A First In The Industry

A personalised report based on user current business data.

Report gives you the clarity as to where you stand and where you need to go and what you need to do.

Actionable feedback






What our past students have to say!

Prem Tewary
Pune, Maharashtra

The MFP program is a very productive, insightful & awesome real-time training program. MFP allowed me to position my team & myself in a more organized formats. MFP had surely accelerated my learning curve to next level. MFP had helped me to transform me from NORMAL MFD to THE FUTURE READY MFD & reach the Next Level in personal & professional life. In MFP, I learnt the unbelievable concepts like TFAR, BBS, ABCD & R.I.C.H clients, W.R.T.S, P.A.I.N,IKIGAI, S.T.P, M.A.N.I.A,G.I.F.T.S, W.I.T.F.M, & the list is endless. MFP training program is the need of the hour for each & every MFDs to transform themselves from NORMAL MFD to THE FUTURE READY MFD.

Nikhil Thakkar
Anand, Gujarat

MFP Taught us the process of scrutinizing clients, Process of allocating time and energy based on ABCD Categorization. Gifts revealed the secret of selling. Sincerely appreciate the program & passion of Swamy Sir and Dharmendra Sir – Please Continue this great work for IFA Fraternity.

Subhro Gopal Barory
Shyamnagar, West Bengal

MFP has completely changed me and the way I see my business. Till date I was only doing MF transaction. Swamy Sir taught me the difference between working in the business and working on the business. Few learning which I would love to share: 1.Importance of team building, 2.How to define Mission, Vision & Company culture, 3.How to recruit quality people in your team. 4.How to categorize your clients and how much time should be allocated in each category, 5.Importance of creating habits & implementing those habits in business practice. I am so blessed to have Guru’s like Dharam Sir & Swamy Sir in my journey. Who have completely changed my life. I will highly recommend MFP to all my friends & can promise this next 100 days will change your vision completely.

Praveen Kumar Verma
Varanasi, Uttar Pardesh

Learnt working ON Business by building Systems, Teams, and Processes. Transformed From A practitioner to Entrepreneur, and Got CLARITY of what to Achieve and how to Achieve it. Thank you, Team NLE, to Impact me, to Transform me and my Business, The MFP course is the First step to Success, MFD fraternity now has the answers to all their Questions about their relevance in Future

Ranchi, Jharkand

MFP taught us the process of categorization of ABCD clients, and how we scrutinize clients, allowing time and money based on categorisation. I appreciate the effort of Next Level Education, especially Swami sir and Dharam sir. I request NLE to extend their effort for IFA fraternity.

Madurai, Tamilnadu

I asked many trainers - Without running behind clients How to attract clients with my products? Only MFP gave me the solution. Thank you Dharam sir and Swamy sir. MFP changed my mindset and mental rewiring was done through MFP, now we attract only success to clients and ourselves. After MFP, we became personal CFO for many HNIs because of the strategies taught in MFP to add massive value to clients

Ruchika Verma

I personally found MFP program very effective and it helped me in my personal as well business growth. Each topic of this program is so well curated by Swami Sir and Dharam sir, if one impliments even some part of it, will certainly help in touching new milestones.

Sanjay Kulkarni

I was doubtful whether an IFA could charge fees but MFP gave me the confidence to charge fees. Manufacturing Time, ABCD Analysis, MANIA, and GIFT are amazing concepts. I urge all IFAs to do MFP & experience transformation.

Jigish Patel
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Importance of ‘’ Always be Closing’’ and how to implement it made a huge difference in my business. Secondly, the strategy to serve the most profitable client segment has shown me the path to success.


Magnetic Finance Preneur (MFP)

4 Months - 16 Sessions
  • How to become irreplaceable in the market
  • Secrets of becoming a Magnetic Financial Advisor
  • How to Become a Freedom Preneur
  • 4 M`s of Magnetic Marketing Strategies
  • Referral & Education Marketing
  • Business Strategy & Personal Brand Building
  • How to design most powerful IAPs

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