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Excel in FP (EFP) Program
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“Scientific Strategies to Convert Your Leads into Your FiDA Clients”

Segment Based Scientific Investment Solutions

How to Plan and Provide the Best Investment Solution for Different Segments?

Youngsters who just started their Career

Married Couple with Kids

Divorced People

Family with Special Child etc…

Professionals – Like Doctor, CA, Lawyer etc

Married Couple with No Kids

Retiring / Retired People


Single Women


Key Focus and Objective

The Key Objective is to Empower You To Excel & Become Expert in FP:

How To Identify the P.A.I.N Points of Different Segments

What Are the Ideal concepts, stories, Presentation, Templates Do I Use When We Are Meeting the Prospects for the First time?

How to Collect the Data, How to Analyze the Data, How to Identify the Goals and How to Construct the Plan for Each Segments

How to Educate and Help the Client to Select the Best Investment Option Through “Investment Ocean Concept”

How to Provide the Best Investment Solution for Different Segments?

What Our Members have to Say!

Viral Shah

Bharat Khumbar

Amit Mahto

Manish Singh

Shailendra Rahigude


Our Mission is to Educate, Inspire and Empower You to Rise to the Next Level in Your Life and Business by Helping You To Discover and Become a Better Version of Yourself.


Our Vision is To Transform the Lives of One Million People by Creating an Army of Financial Evangelists and Empower Them To Make a Difference Wherever They Go and Whomever They Meet by Providing Them with the Requisite Training and Education on Personal, Technical and Business Skills.

Excel in FP (EFP) Program - EFP Program

Value of the EFP Program ₹50,000/-
  • 14 Sessions - Video Modules
  • Ready Made Client Presentations
  • Readymade Unique Concept Calculators
  • Readymade Investment Solutions Sheets
  • Readymade FP or Goal Solutions Sheets
  • Readymade Templates

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