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Next Level Education Pvt. Ltd.

Next Level Education has been conceived to be an ecosystem that strives to make a difference in the lives of people by helping them live a financially confident and stress free life

Our strategy is to reach out to the people and show them a happier and better way to manage their lives. Money management happens to be one very important element in this. We see Next Level Education as a system that will help us fulfil our Vision. And in keeping with the needs of a System, we believe that the Team is perhaps the most important constituent of the System. We have hence walked the Talk when it comes to our conviction. Mr Sandip Ghose, Ex Director of NISM has been overseeing our work and guiding us from time to time.

To make our vision come alive we have been striving to develop a team of like-minded people. Slowly but steadily we have grown our team by inducting people who share our passion of giving back Massive Value to the people Next Lever Education has constituted an Executive team comprising of a CMO (Chief Management Officer) and COO (Chief Operating Officer) and a very Insightful and Energetic Board of Directors & Associates.

The team will help us in manufacturing time so that we can cross our milestones faster and are able to make a sizable difference in people’s lives. With a very competent Management Team and Board, Next Level Education has the requisite firepower and is well poised to make a difference in countless lives

Needless to say Next Level Education certainly needs one last and perhaps the most vital ingredient without which all our firepower would be reduced to a big nought. And that is the Blessings of each and every member of Next Level Education who have helped the organisation to dream big and take requisite action and move ahead.

Next Level has leaped frogged in the last year by bringing to the table international quality programs such as

Pathshala A Continuous Learning Platform

The Continuous Learning is the latest concepts advocated by world renowned authors like Yuval Harari, Nicholas Nissim Taleb and Farid Zakaria amongst many others. Continuous Learning is clearly the New Normal and Next Level Education is happy to be playing its part.

Magnetic Finance Preneur (MFP) and Excellent Finance Preneur (EFP)

MFP and EFP together are very popular Programs positioned as the MBA Program for MFDs. No such program was ever conceived in the past.

Ultimate Finance Preneur

Our Flagship Coaching Program has been transforming people. Talk to any of our members randomly to experience a different version of theirs. “Taking Action” is most ignored attribute that hurts development of the Self and in UFP we ensure that we do not rest till our members Implement their Learning.


It is with immense pleasure to announce that we have been appointed as official Education Provider by FPSB USA to promote CFP Certification.

More coming soon.

We have plans to launch another Unique System to help people who are facing difficulties with their jobs or businesses. This System will provide opportunities of employment and entrepreneurship


Dharmendra Satapathy

Dharmendra a Mechanical Engineer and MBA Marketing by education is a prolific content creator on Personal Finance. He runs a very popular website. He is credited with having created one of the most endearing financial education mascot of the financial services industry – ‘Professor Simply Simple’. He has conducted more than 1000 Investor Awareness Programs and more than 500 trainings for Financial Advisors across India.


Dharmendra manages a very popular Daily Broadcast which reaches 7000 IFAs countrywide. Most IFAs across India have been touched by Dharmendra either through his trainings or his content.


Dharmendra has rich experience and knowledge in Personal Finance, Brand Building, Advertising and Social media.


He was the Marketing Head of Tata Mutual Fund for a decade.  Dharmendra has had successful stints in the country’s top Advertising firms such as Lintas, O&M and FCB. He has also served international assignments as country manager for Lintas East Africa.

Puttaswamy B.Gowda

He is a Founder and Managing Director of Fino – Wise Freedom Group, practising and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER. He is also Partner Director of Next Level Education Pvt. Ltd. He is also a Lecturer, Trainer and Financial Transformation Coach. He is an author of the upcoming book, “Your IQ is Not Equals to Your FQ” He got vast Experience of more than 15 Years in the Personal Finance field.

Currently, he is managing Investments Portfolio for more than 800 Families and so far, he has educated more than 5000 people on Financial Literacy. He is not only a Coach to Individual Clients helping them to manage their money effectively, but he also trains other Financial Advisers, CFPs, IFAs on how to transform themselves from Financial Advisers to Financial Entrepreneurs. So far, he has trained and coached more than 2000 advisers including CFPs, IFAs, Insurance Advisors etc.…

He is also Associated with FPSB India, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), AAFM and International College of Financial Planning (ICOFP) as a Regular Trainer, Lecturer & Subject Matter Expert.

Nikhil Thakkar

Nikhil Thakkar is a founder of We Care Investments, and as of August 2021, his total AUM under the brand is 767 Crores. He was awarded as India’s most trusted financial advisor by CNBC TV 18.


He is known as a financial happiness coach and has financially educated more than 15000 individuals across the world. His other notable achievements include the Icon of Vadodara Award by Times of India Group 2019-2020 and Dr C.M Mr Nitin Patel at Zee 24 Kalak for Best Financial Planner 2020-2021.


His qualification includes multiple certifications from IIM –Ahmedabad, IIM –Bangalore & IIM – Indore.


He is known to all our fraternity members as a very astute and insightful businessman; someone who has grown his MFD business “We Care” extremely well. Nikhil will be a Board Director and stakeholder of Next Level Education.


He will play a vital role by guiding the company in its onward journey of creating jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities to people at large

Giri Balasubramaniam

Giri is a noted quizmaster and author of several quiz books. He is also the mind behind the Global Awareness Program (GAP) one of India’s first focused, structured knowledge enhancement programs for school children and Knowledge‐Hub & Global Business Review for management students. He has pioneered a program on Values Education in schools called “Keystones”. Over 2,50,000 children are part of these programs. He and his team have presented close to 3000 shows across 84 destinations of India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Singapore, London and United States to emerge as one of the fastest growing quiz hosts from the region.


He is a regular guest speaker and advisory panel member at several B‐schools, educational institutions and corporate houses in India. During his visits to Muscat and Sri Lanka he has been invited regularly by leading schools in that country to address their students.


In 2007, as recognition of his growing popularity and contribution to learning and development Times of India identified him amongst “Potential Future Leaders of India” as part of its Lead India Initiative. Dewang Mehta had once remarked about him ”We are moving into an era where education and knowledge will carry great value and people like Pickbrain will be the icons of that generation.”

Executive Team

Vikas Wani

Bahavesh Modh

Ashish Mehta

Ritu Verma

Swapnil Kadam

We have a vision to Build an Ecosystem to provide entrepreneurship training & employment to those who are starting their careers and to those seeking to start their second innings. Our Mission is to build this Ecosystem through Training, Coaching & Empowering using win win win formula


Prateek Khona

Durgesh Babaria

Heena Mehta

Shreeniwas Gadiyar

Prem Mangtani

Pratik Visariya

Jitendra Pol

Bobby Agarwal

Nitin Ghadge

Vasant Prabhu