Disruption – How things are incredibly unexpected and how uncertainty has become the only certainty we have

Disruption – How things are incredibly unexpected and how uncertainty has become the only certainty we have

1) Till pre Covid we boasted about Bollywood as being India’s soft power

2) 2 years of Pandemic has transformed this landscape

3) Can you think of an emerging single name / an emerging star/ the next Khan or the next Priyanka

4) Think Hard about your viewing habits ? Are you watching Bollywood or something else

5) The Shift from Bollywood has been swift with the maturing of OTT platforms like Netflix

6) The language boundaries have become blurred

7) International, Regional have all come to the Party

8) Money Heist a Spanish Series has conquered our hearts

9) Pankaj Tiwari at 45 is the new Star

10) Low Budget films with great scripts are being watched at the cost of Bollywood masala

11) Who would have ever thought of this shift

12) Education too has got disrupted with the Advent of Zoom Kind of technology

13) While the human connect is a lot debated about, the awesome quality of learning that is being experienced cannot be brushed under the carpet

14) A Zoom Session can be split into 50 break out rooms for participants to work on a case study as well as know each other, network and interact

15) Polls in Zoom Platform ensures participation and interaction of as many people attending; something that was not really possible as easily in physical meetings

16) These are just few of the things that are changing the old ways of thinking

17) The productivity increase is not Evolutionary; it is simply Revolutionary and will displace those Ostrich minds who believe that we will bounce back to how things were

18) Each & Every Person will get impacted and not just affected

19) The faster we welcome Change the Better we shall be prepared to Leverage it to our Advantage

20) Otherwise we will all become irrelevant and feel out of place in our place


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