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Excellent Finance Preneur

Programme Overview

The MFP program is designed to work on the Self, to Change one’s Belief System, to learn to analyse one Business and the psychology of customers and design Appropriate strategies. The EFP Program on the other hand is more about Business Development Tools and Systems and Taking Action

It covers the following aspects

  • How to Structure different Insight Based Financial Solutions
  • How to Design Effective Education Program using the Seven Event Approach
  • Financial Planning tools that have been internally designed to analyse and recommend specific solutions
  • Tools to evaluate and monitor the Financial Health of the Clients
  • Strategies on How one can look at Scaling up the MFD / RIA Business
  • How to use the Principles of Branding to build intangible & impenetrable properties to fortify one’s Business by building insurmountable Entry Barriers

The most important deterrent for success is the tendency to delay and not take Action despite learning the strategies and steps. The EFP Profram is perhaps the only Program where we prepare our members to plan and execute their own Financial Awareness Programs by providing all the inputs needed to make such programs successful

Taking Action Step of the EFP Program is the prelude to our Coaching Program UFP (Ultimate Finance Preneur). It  acts as a qualifier to assess the members preparedness for the subsequent Mentorship Program

Excellent Finance Preneur

15 Sessions - 2 Months
  • How to create Insight based Cash Flow Structures for different customer segments
  • How create awesome Holiday Planning Structures
  • How to use Advances Financial Planning templates
  • How to measure and track the Financial Health of your customers
  • How to Brand your Practice