Missing the Goal

Missing the Goal

1) Life is not a series of accomplishments

2) Perhaps 50% of life could comprise of missed targets

3) Hence while being goal oriented is the right thing to do but we must also build in shock absorbers

4) A driver may like to believe that the road to his destination is a smooth four lane highway based on this information

5) But it is a fact that even the best roads can surprise you

6) Hence good suspensions and shock absorbers are mandatory to reach one’s goals

7) Likewise even Investors goals despite clearly listing and planning for them may disappoint

8) A great financial plan needs to have built in shock absorbers

9) Diversification, Asset Rebalancing, Cash in hand are all such shock absorbers

10) Over designing a plan ensures that plan will hold itself together even in case of a surprise challenge

11) This is called building fluidity into the plan

12) It acts like lubricant, keeping the heat of Uncertainty at a distance

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