Shrinking Workforce Expanding Minds

Shrinking Workforce Expanding Minds

1) In 1964 each of the four largest American Companies still had an average workforce of about 430,000 people

2) By 2011 they employed only a quarter that number, despite being worth twice as much.

3) Take the tragic fate of Kodak, inventor of the digital camera and a company that in the late 1980s had 145,000 people on its payroll

4) In 2012, it filed for bankruptcy, while Instagram – the free online mobile photo service staffed by 13 people at the time – was sold to Facebook for $1 billion.

5) The reality is that it takes fewer and fewer people to create a successful business

6) This means that when a business succeeds, fewer and fewer people benefit

7) So Wealth will become more and more concentrated with very few people

8)This Wealth will then be distributed electronically directly to the bank accounts of people

9) Money will provide positive sentiments and purchasing power

10) This is the essence of Universal Basic Income

11) When machines replaced physical human power, people were still needed to manage the machines

12) But now that machines are gearing up to replace human mental power, the time has come for Universal Basic Income to truly become the substrate upon which society will function

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