Understanding the Better Tomorrow

Understanding the Better Tomorrow

1) What defines the new economy?

2) First we are more connected like never before

3) And second,  there are few gatekeepers

4) Because everyone is connected through the internet, it becomes difficult for gatekeepers to control us

5) For example struggling but high potential musicians or actors would rely on the approval of authorities in their industries like agents or directors – the gatekeepers

6)Today, however, people can take their careers into their own hands

7)Platforms like YouTube and iTunes mean anyone can connect directly with their target audience and share their creative work

8) Even sharing work at extremely low cost is a extremely Powerful Strategy

9) First it gets you started and saves you invaluable time

10) And secondly it creates has the potential of massive volumes and a small price becomes an advantage because the cost to increase volume is nearly zero (new advantage)

11) Think of the music industry. Before the internet revolution, the path to the top was clearly defined. You waited to be talent-scouted by a label, wrote a hit and hoped you’d be lucky enough to avoid being ripped off by your employers.

12) The chances of making it as a musician were slim.

13) Today, none of that applies.

14) Write and produce a song that just two people buy on iTunes, and you’ll have made more than the royalties you would have received back in the pre-internet days for selling a whole album!

15) But it’s not just musicians who stand to benefit from the new connected economy

16) Designers, consultants, teachers and therapists can all set up online businesses on YouTube, personal websites and social media platforms and reach an audience of millions

17) The world is truly your oyester but the courage and desire to think independently and act courageously is what makes an entrepreneur

18) In a flat world there is little head room

19) The Ceilings are no longer high to build a organization pyramid

20) Every employee needs to think and act like an entrepreneur

21) We can call such employees Intrapreneurs

22) Their earnings are largely a function of what they bring to the party

23) A small fixed salary component and a large variable performance based amount without an upper limit

24) A Network of Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs is how the new economy will look visually

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