The Crow was Smart. Are you?

The Crow was Smart. Are you?

1) Remember the picture of the crow throwing pebbles into the vase so that the water level can rise up and he can comfortably quench his thirst

2) It is important to note that the pebbles did not create more water

3) They only raised the water level from the bottom of the vase to the surface

4) The Markets too are very similar

5) They too are rising and producing good returns

6) The question to ask is whether the rise is due to more wealth generation or because of entry of a very large number of new investors investing mindlessly

10) These Investors are like the Pebbles. They raise the market level like the Pebbles raised the water level

11) Market Rise can thus happen either due to pebbles (investors jumping into the Market) or due to supply of fresh water (more customer demand, more corporate profits)

12) Take Guidance before Investing. Don’t flow with the exuberance. All the wisdom of the past needs to be respected before pulling the investment trigger


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