The Wealth Creation Secret

The Wealth Creation Secret

1) We have been taught to work hard and acquire skills and then to sell our skills at a Premium to become Wealthy

2) So we intend to be most skilful so that we get paid the most. This is a bad Idea for becoming Wealthy

3) In Reality is it is impossible to be most skilled and that we must have to accept that many people would certainly be as skilled or more skilled

4) The ‘Me Skill Thinking’ takes is on the path of doing a Job or Starting an individual Practice like a doctor,CA, Lawyer etc

5) Transforming ourselves from a Practitioner into a Businessman is the real path to Wealth

6) We all have 24 hours of which we work for just10 hours

7) The only way to increase wealth it to increase number of hours per day

8) And the only way to do this is by creating a Team

9) If you have 4 member team do not see it as 4x Salary Cost

10) Look at it as 4×10 = 40 hours created per day and now put your skill to create scale and Wealth by reducing profit margin (high margins cannot be sustained and the art of business is to make wealth with as small a margin as possible)

11) More hours created is the secret to wealth creation as more hours means higher volumes

12) Using the Time of Others x Using the Skill of Others = Entrepreneurship

13) Team Leader does not mean that he is most skilled

14) Like a Cricket team, the captain may be a good Batsman but still he need not be the best batsman and certainly not a bowler or wicket keeper

15) An Entrepreneur is like the Captain of a Cricket Team

16) He needs to know how to rally his team behind a purpose

17) Hence the team remains vital

18) Productivity is the essence of tomorrow’s success

19) And one cannot create Productivity alone but needs both Tools/ Technology and People / Team

20) It is most foolish to do business on the notion of winning on the back of individual magic

21) This thinking will not more serve you in the 21st Century

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