3 things that hurt our Business Growth

3 things that hurt our business growth

1) Blame it on Others : Blaming Business failure upon Govt, Regulator, AMFI, AMC, Investor, luck etc. I have also heard “I am not getting Good Employees” or “Clients are Going Direct” or “AMCs are conspiring to Go Direct”. “BLAME” is a LAME excuse

2) Know it All : We think we know everything about our business. We understand Markets, Equity, Debt, Products, Processes like Diversification and Asset Allocation and that is all that is there to know

3) Can’t Take Action : Even if we undergo a Training Program we fail to Act on the Guidance. Sometimes we look at a Training Session like taking a Crocin tablet. Take one and the headache is gone. Training is more like Daily Exercises. You are told to wake up and go for a run. Life does not change unless YOU follow the instructions and DO what you are asked to do. And that is “Taking Action”

So the formula that holds our business back is BKC –

“Blame it on others”,

“Know it All” &

“Can’t Take Action”

I hope you will always remember BKC every day of your life

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